Thursday, March 7, 2013


I am hesitant to talk about this too much until I physically have it in my hands, there's all kinds of things that could change...

But recently, Rob Liefeld, comic book artist, Image Comics founder and creator of a multitude of characters you know like Cable and Deadpool at Marvel and Youngblood, Prophet and Supreme at Image, held a writing competition where he picked three short stories to draw and publish.

Cable & Deadpool (c) copyright Marvel Ent.

Youngblood (c) copyright Rob Liefeld

Supreme, Glory, Prophet & Bloodstrike (c) copyright Rob Liefeld

Love him or hate him, if you've been a comic book fan
in the last 20 years, you know who Rob Liefeld is.

Rob has done some work at DC Comics recently when they launched their New 52, and he's also been overseeing other creators working on his characters, like Erik Larsen's recent Supreme run and Brandon Graham's revival and reimaging of Prophet. Rob is a polarizing figure in the comic industry, and I happen to like his style of comics, so I pitched a few stories, not really knowing what he was looking for, and...


Well, that's the idea at least. It's a long road to a finished comic, I've sent in the plot and page breakdowns for a six page story and that's where it's at now. Rob's a seat-of-his-pants kind of guy and as far as I can tell, he picked five stories to publish in GIANT-SIZE YOUNGBLOOD #1. He originally said he was going to pick three stories and draw them himself in different comics, so I'm not sure how it'll be at this point, if he's drawing them all or not.

But, uh, yeah... pretty fuckin' bitchin', as far as I'm concerned. I'll keep you posted...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Don't worry, this is not some sad rant where I pour my feelings out to the internet...

About a year ago while dicking off at work, I came across a post on about an independent music producer and DJ "JUST TRYNA BLOW UP." Depressed Teenager first got my attention with an irreverent, satirical, and most of all funny commentary on his own music, and he posted all his tracks free on the internet, so it was a no-brainer- all it was going to cost was my time. And how cheaply I got off!

Depressed Teenager blew my mind with a genre-jumping EP, “Enlisting Your Fat Inner Child,” and forever earned a spot on my 'most played' playlist with the controversially-named “Fat Faggot.”

As with any song that I fall in love with, I listened to it constantly, and eventually dissected it, tracing it back to it's origin- a Rick Ross song that was, like everything Rick Ross does, boring and derivative.

What I connected with even more than Depressed Teenager's obviously professional-level producing was this sort of ever-present acknowledgment of depression. Most people do anything they can to avoid depression, yet here was someone literally putting it in front of everything he did. As someone who has battled depression for most of my life, I was surprised and impressed that someone trying to make it in the music industry didn't take the easy route and just made songs about gettin' paper and doin' drugs like everyone else.

Since then, I've downloaded everything Depressed Teenager put out- singles, remixes, mixtapes. I've followed him on twitter and tumblr and bandcamp and soundcloud, always waiting for when he'll put out new music... and when the rest of the world will discover what they've been missing.

Wanting to do my part to get the word out, I asked Depressed Teenager if he'd be willing to do an interview, and he graciously agreed.

Nate Fiala: You've tweeted that you're putting out a 7-inch split EP with Enpedestalment. Is that the new album you've been talking about or are these separate projects?

Depressed Teenager: hey dude first of all i wana say i appreciate your support and i thank you. the project i am doing with enpedestalment isnt the album i've been talking about. that one will be a split 7" vinyl (already sold out) . the only chance of hearing that is prolly gonna be to buy the test press for 200 bux off some euro. bid hard. i definitely do have a regular solo album coming . i am working ok new music designed to sell and i need everyone to buy it. im gonna have rappers on there and slams and new tips about overcoming depression .it will come out in february or something. its called ' leave me the fuck alone' and it features hella rappers and famous people on it. there will be like 9 or 10 different genres and everyone is gonna want to suck my dick when they hear it. that is a fact.

NF: What software / gear do you use?

DT: i use my laptop and a crack version of ableton and serato for diong mixes. and my ibanez guitar for writing slams and shit too

NF: What's an average day like for you?

DT: wake up and go on the internet for like 9 hours then get pissed off cuz i did nothing all day and then maybe make a track then get stoned and pass out . i dont do shit

NF: What kind of music do you like to listen to?

DT: i enjoy listening to all kinda of music. u could pretty much tell what kind of music i like by what kind of music i make or play in my mixes. i like night core, punk music, slam ,dance music, reggaeton, all kinds of shit. music is music 2 me im tryna break down the walls and barriers.

NF: Do you make your own album cover artwork?

DT: i do all my own art work . as you can tell i have a very unique style and this is only something i can create. i wish i didnt have to do my own art because im not trying to be a artist im trying to be a friggin musician but at the end of the day im the only person whos good enough to do my artwork

NF: Not to sound like a noob, but I don't fully understand what a 'mixtape' is. Can you explain that for me?

DT: a mixtape can be alot of things. for me its usually just a dj mix of songs i like. like a live dj set but recorded and put online. but the word mixtape is pretty vague nowadays people put out 15 original tracks and call it a mixtape. i usually just lurk soundcloud and find songs i think are cool and play them .i like showing love to other undergroun artists. the little bridges between songs is just me mixing and shit ya know

NF: Can you tell me a little bit about your feelings on depression and why it's such a big part of your music?

DT: as far as depression goes i definitley try to poke fun at some very serious topics and im not trying to offend anyone who might have mental issues or shit that theyre going thru. i definitely go thru it and have days that i cant even get myself out of bed and shit. i go thru it to a degree so i understand . i definitely didnt start doing what i do with a purpose but i think one kinda naturally was created and i think making shit that people who are fucked up can relate to is worth doing. all the 'regular' shit talking about having a great life and having tons of money, seeing and hearing that shit all day is fuckin depressing and not easy to relate to sometimes . i guess theres plenty of music that touches on being sad and fucked up but none of it is really shit you can dance to so i guess thats something new that i do. I definitely hope that by poking fun at shit like being gay and depressed i am helping people get thru their day by havin a laugh or whatver. at the end of the day this is art and its suppose to be an escape so im happy if i can provide that. im definitely not tryna poke fun AT people i hope they are laughing with me im one with the underdogs for sure.

NF: When I was first trying to find you on the internet, I googled 'depressed teenager music' and came across some articles that, basically, say that music causes depression in teens. What do you think about that?

DT: i think that those articles that say listening to music is a cause of teenage depression is fuckin bullshit. "one good thing about music , when it hits you feel no pain" - bob marley. music is like the one thing that always makes me happy. ive made a lot of my tracks when i was depressed or sad and making music always puts me in a better place. thats one of those things where they are just analyzing numbers and % and not figuring out shit. people who spend more time listening to music are maybe doing it because they are depressed. they arent depressed because theyre listening to music. ya know?

NF: Have you ever watched Eastbound & Down? It's a show that has emotional highs and lows and addresses depression in a different way than usual.

DT: i have seen eastbound and down i think thats a great show. i ddefinitely have thought about my lifes ups and downs when im watching it.

NF: What Kenny Powers hairstyle would you be: Mullet, Slicked-Back Mullet, Corn Rows or Bleached Mullet?

DT: corn rows

NF: Do you have any upcoming DJ gigs scheduled?

DT: no.. people need to start realizing that my live performances are john blaze ... i need a publicisitist !

NF: Is there anything you'd like to say to your fans?

DT: i wana say to my fans to please leave me the fukk alone. dont ask me who depressed teenager is or personal questions about me. none of u are my friends and i want u to fuck off !! also i wana say thank you so much for listening to my music and supporting me and id have quit doing this a long time ago if it wasnt for all u people who listen to my shit and give me cool feed back and shit, so i thank u from the bottom of my heart. also please buy my shit this year because depressed teenager has to pay the bills this shit is not a game. also i am not gay and im not homophobic either. leave me alone

NF: Thanks for your time, man. I appreciate it.

DT: no doubt

Monday, October 24, 2011


So, I decided to post something that I won't delete after a week, but probably should, especially considering teh job and what not... But anyway, I give you the PORN COACH, now in glorious color!

And, uh, yes, I am as terrible at computer coloring as I am at drawing, THX. I KNO! But has being bad at something ever stopped me before?

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Here it is, finally, the jpegs that constitute my minicomic are here, for teh intarwubs to consume and enjoy. I was GOING to put it into a PDF so you ravenous mongrels couldn't bastardize my art into your own, but fuck it, I'm lazy. And like you were really gonna steal my art anyway... So here it is. Click to enlarge and enjoy!