Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Internet Infatuation Syndrome

So, if you've read this blog at all, you're probably thinking, "For a guy that says he's a better writer than an artist, he sure posts a lot of sketches..." And that's because it's a hell of a lot easier to get someone to simply LOOK at an image (not that anyone is coming to this site anyway) than to actively read text... I mean, it take a lot longer to discern if reading is going to be as enjoyable or as easy as simply looking at something... but I digress...

ANYWAY, a lot of what I do, as a writer, isn't necessarily sitting in front of a keyboard, staring at a blinking cursor on a blank, white screen. I THINK about things, sometimes weird things, like how we, the royal we, we as a society, make up a medical excuse for everything now a days.

"Oh, wifey, I'm SO sorry I was banging random chicks without condoms, I just couldn't help myself... But I think I'm a sex addict! And if I go to 'treatment,' well, you'd be a heartless bitch to divorce me and take half of everything I've got, because I couldn't control myself! Look, it's medical, it's documented, it's SCIENCE!!!1!!"

This is all beside my point, actually, but, it's along these sort of lines...

I'm sure practically EVERYONE in the modern world now knows, if they haven't themselves, someone who has hooked up with someone they met on the internet. Maybe you know someone who has moved across the fucking country to be with this person, only to, as everyone who knows the person could have guessed, move back in less than six months because they figured out that moving in with a virtual soulmate is probably pretty close to moving in with a complete stranger whose only commonality with you is an inability to interact with the rest of society like a normal human being, if not the exact same thing. (Did that make sense?) And... I mean, there's gotta be an emerging cause for this, right? A MEDICAL reason, an OCD or something similar, perhaps? (I'm just the idea guy, I don't know all this doctor shit)

And now I finally get to what I'm writing about... I've googled this the TINIEST bit and not found what I'm looking for, but that may be due to the fact that I just don't know the proper nomenclature for it, but when, not really 'if,' moving in with your internet lovah becomes some medical thing we can point our finger at instead of just the bad decisions of immature, young adults, if it has not been named already, I give you, INTERNET INFATUATION SYNDROME!!!!!

There's gotta be some money in this shit, right? Can you copyright medical illnesses?

And... one day I'll probably expand on the idea and put it in this sci-fi book I'm writing about health care. But, this is how writing works for me... weird ideas bouncing around in my head, pinballing, picking up speed, and probably entertaining only to me...

INTERNET INFATUATION SYNDROME is copyright Nate Fiala 2010